How to Paint Bultaco Logos on Engine Cases

This is an article from Neno, get the Spanish version here.

Let’s try to explain step by step how to paint the space around the Bultaco logo engine sidecovers.

The first thing is to polish the sidecovers to start the process. Once polished, we clean where the paint goes with a screwdriver, to clean the remains of the polishing paste between the letter, then use solvent on moist paper.

The tool to “paint” that we’ll use will be a rigid wire or you can use a sewing needle. The procedure begins with applying the paint directly on the “housing” around the legend Bultaco, applied with a dropper or directly with care. Once applied we  “distribute” the paint with the needle in all corners. For the inside of the letters we’ll wet the needle in the paint and we will put a drop of paint inside the same letter and we will distribute to all the corners.








When we finish the process we’ll let the paint dry for one day and then finish the work. Now we correct the small defects with the tip of the screwdriver, cutting very carefully until we remove the painting stuck to the letters (it is very easy, because the painting is dry to the touch but not well stuck). Retouch the letters and then we can assemble.







The materials used, paint black satin enamel, screwdriver or blade, needle, a little solvent, cleaning paper and patience. The way of working is the most comfortable for us to ensure a “good edge”.